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Dana Moree studied Pastoral and Social Work at the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University in Prague and General Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.  In 2008 she defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Humanities in Utrecht.

Since 1998 she has been focusing on intercultural pedagogy. First at Jabok, a Higher Social Pedagogic and Theological School, and, since 2004, she has been working at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.  In 2004 she also co-founded the PONTES Institute, where she has focused on cultural encounters as part of courses and seminaries that target the Czech-German issue.

She is an editor of www.czechkid.cz and author of How Teachers Cope with Social and Educational Transformation; Struggling with Multicultural Education in the Czech Classroom and co-author of Dobrodružství s Kulturou, Pokladnice Hodnot and others (Dvakrát Měř, Jednou Řež, Než Začneme s MKV…).

What is the significance of Civic Sector Studies?

One of my key presumptions is that people who play an active role in civil society organizations are people with a vision of how to build a better society, how to attain change.  To some extent, then, they are activists, engaged individuals. To get meaningfully involved in contemporary society means to be professional, and the courses offered in our department are our contribution to forming these new professionals. Students should learn to reflect on the development of civil society, to analyse its current state and to formulate their vision of the future.

Dana Moree has been the Department Head since 1/10/2014.

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