We are proud of

  • The Department of Civil Society Studies’ inclusion in the database of the best educational programs in the civil society area.

  • The many papers and books published by department researchers

  • The awards our students have received for successful studies, for instance:

Josef Hlávka Award—Mikuláš Pštross, for his diploma thesis entitled Lévinasian Civil Society? (2010)

Rector’s Award—Tereza Jurečková and Ondřej Klügl for their outstanding results in social entrepreneurship (Pragulic.cz) (2015)

Josef Hlávka Award—Kateřina Singerová for her diploma thesis entitled Civic Engagement of Female Dissidents (2015)

  • We participate in a range of projects both at home and abroad that target public administration, the larger academic community, and the general public. One such project is www.czechkid.cz, a website dedicated to multicultural education; others explore definitional issues to do with the social economy and social entrepreneurship and look into volunteerism in the CR as well as social exclusion among young homeless people.

  • The expertise provided by department faculty as part of their membership in groups and organizations such as the Norwegian Fund Steering Committee for the Nonprofit Sector; the Government Council for Nongovernmental Nonprofit Organisations and its Committee on Legislation and Funding and Working Group on State Nonprofit Sector Policy; and others.

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