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Program graduates are specialists well acquainted with current social scientific and legal theories of civil society and possess economic and legal knowledge with practical utility.  They have excellent insight into the Czech political system and the system of interest intermediation in the Czech Republic and the European Union, as well as solid knowledge of public policy creation and development at both levels. Graduates also possess valuable managerial, organizational and communication skills for NGO management and operation with practical utility.

Graduates can design, procure and effectively publicly promote the philanthropic and humanitarian activities of NGOs and private and state-owned entities. Because they have an adequately broad insight into the latest approaches to civil society and knowledge of NGOs related to social science, the economy, political science and the law, they can use this knowledge for conceptual work and leadership in the civil sector.  They are also acquainted with current Czech, European and global social and political events, with an emphasis on developments and trends in civil society and NGOs.

Graduates find jobs with NGOs in particular (foundations, foundation funds, citizens’ associations, charitable organizations), in the private sector (in marketing departments, public relations units, corporate philanthropy) and public administration (EU fund management, decisions on state aid), which require a thorough knowledge of the civil sector. They also work in education, counselling and informing the public, media, political parties, international institutions and organizations, and so on. They are qualified to educate civil sector employees

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Charles University

Faculty of Humanities

Civil Society Studies

Pátkova 2137/5

182 00 Praha 8 - Libeň

Czech Republic


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