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About Study Program

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The Study program of Civil Society Studies is part of Faculty of Humanities, Charles University (FH ChU)


  • We are the first independent department in the Czech Republic to focus on civil society and the civil sector.

  • We interconnect theory with practice and research with applications across all the areas in our purview.

  • We provide space for academics and those active in the field to meet and organize discussions, lectures, and joint projects.


  • MA and PhD programs, both full-time and combined study, in a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect.

  • Program lecturers chosen from the academic community as well as from among those active in the field.

  • Various projects that allow students to get involved in a broad range of topics.

  • Collaboration with civil society organizations.

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Charles University

Faculty of Humanities

Civil Society Studies

Pátkova 2137/5

182 00 Praha 8 - Libeň

Czech Republic


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