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Study Structure

The field of study is composed of three subject blocs, two of which—Sociological and Political Science Theory for the Civic Sector and Economy and Law for the Civic Sector—are concluded by oral examinations as part of the Final State Examination.

Civil Sector Studies: Schedule

Civil Sector Studies: Schedule

  • Sociological and Political Science Theory for the Civil Sector 

This block includes subjects in which students get acquainted with the historical development of the term ‘civil society’ in the philosophical and political thinking spanning the period from the early modern era to the present. They are also encouraged to study contemporary sociological and political science theories necessary to understand civil society, the civil sector, citizenship and related areas.

  • Economy and Law for the Civil Sector

Students are acquainted with economic theories which explain the origin and characteristic features of NGOs and the relationships between NGOs and the public and private sectors.  A great attention is paid to the development and the current status of social economy and social enterprising in the Czech Republic and in the European Union.  The legal portion of this block provides students with thorough information on the legal definition and regulation of the civil sector entities operating under the CR law and within the EU.

  • Methodological and Practical-Application Subjects

This block consists in Social Marketing, Project Management and Accounting and Tax Regulations for the Civil Sector.  In these subjects students gain valuable knowledge and practical skills for their work in the civil sector. This block also includes Civil Sector Research Methods, a subject in which students acquire basic skills for quantitative and qualitative data analyses necessary to prepare their theses and applicable during their future work in the civil sector.

Throughout the study, electives are available related to the research carried out by the department staff.

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