Completed Projects

Increasing Flexibility of the Civil Sector Study Graduates

Funded by: European Social Fund, OP Prague Adaptability

Period: 2010–2013

Principal Investigator: Marie Dohnalová

Project Focus: The project was focused on a curriculum innovation for the follow-up master’s program under Civil Society Studies, provided as either a full-time or combined study program by the Department of Civil Society Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.  The innovation aimed at increasing the flexibility, adaptability, entrepreneurship and creativity of program graduates and expanding their opportunities in the labour market.

The project brought nine new elective courses to the curriculum, created new study materials for an additional seven electives currently on offer, saw the implementation of international exchanges with our faculty going abroad on fellowships and visiting scholars coming to Charles University. There was also intensive collaboration between department graduates already professionally engaged and others working in the profession.  

Other Projects

Budování Středoevropské univerzity v Praze: aktéři a diskurzy (Building the Central European University in Prague: Actors and Discourses)

Rehabilitace kultury v teorii jednání (Rehabilitation of Culture in the Theory of Action)

Aktualizace Czechkid (Czechkid Update)

Combating Social Exclusion Among Young Homeless Populations

The Patterns and Values of Volunteering in the Czech and Norwegian Society

Czechkid jako reakce na společenské změny (Czechkid as a Reaction to Social Changes)

Sociální ekonomika - nová oblast výzkumu v České republice (Social Economy—New Reseach Area in the Czech Republic

Úvod do studia občanského sektoru (Introduction to Civil Sector Studies)

Podnikání nestátních neziskových organizací (NGO Enterpreneurship)

Civil Society and the State in Central European Post-Communist Democracies

Civic Participation and Representation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the EU

Czechkid - multikulturalita očima dětí (Czechkid–Multiculturalism through Children’s Eyes)

How Teachers Cope with Multicultural Education: Case of the Czech Republic

Tvorba nového předmětu Sociální ekonomika (Creating a New Course: Social Economy)

Lidská sexualita a kultura (Human Sexuality and Culture)

Antidiskriminace v rámci programu EU Transition Facility (Antidiscrimination under the EU Transition Facility Program)

Sociální ekonomika v evropeizaci českého hospodářství (Social Economy in the Europeanization of Czech Economy)

CIVICUS Civil Society Index

Visions and Roles of Foundations in Europe 2002-2004

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