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Dr. Kateřina Legnerová

In Brief

Kateřina Legnerová studied at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Her further educational background is in economics and HR management. She had extensive previous background in managerial positions within the banking industry before taking stock of her personal values and joining the academic field where she has focused on leadership and personnel management.  She has supervised many bachelor’s and diploma theses in this area.

Her focus lies in leadership, personnel management and social enterprising, motivation and personal development.  She wrote and co-authored articles in areas related to HR. She seeks out common connections between the profit and non-profit sector, with an emphasis on leadership and CSR.

She was a coinvestigator of a CSR project funded by MEYS, and she has been taking part in a Technology Agency of the Czech Republic project with a similar focus.

She is the Director of the Academy of Personnel Management at the Institute of Personnel Management, University of Economics, Prague.

What is the significance of Civic Sector Studies?

“The study of the civil sector encompasses all areas of human existence, whether that involve fulfilling one’s vision, responding to a higher calling, or connecting profit with the meaning of life or doing business.  It opens a large variety of complementary topics. Enriching the non-profit sector with practices whose value has been proven in profit-making organizations and vice versa opens further opportunities and contributes to the long-term sustainability of social enterprises and making the profit sector more human. Connections between heart and mind create energy for growth and further knowledge.”

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